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About Olive



In my opinion style is all about confidence and self-belief.  The most stylish people I know are those people who carry themselves with grace and assurance.

With this in mind, it is my job to help each client, male or female, find this sweet spot.

My client’s wardrobe is always my starting point. Sometimes they already have all they need but require help in how to make the most of it.  Then, I create a library of outfits from the already existing clothes and accessories and provide this as a reference from which to pick outfits daily.  After this I will shop with my client to fill any gaps they might have in their closet.

I also offer a range of other services from gift buying, packing and occasion dressing.

My goal is to provide a friendly and personable service, and create an individual, authentic signature style for each of my clients based on their personality, lifestyle and budget. These styling services I offer can save you time, money and even wardrobe space by ensuring you only buy versatile investment pieces that last for many seasons. 

My aim is that you to feel your best everyday.

I also work with corporations to help on board new hires with regards to presentation and how to dress for different audiences.


I worked as a model, stylist and make-up artist in my early career, graduating

to a buyer in a large department store.

Following a car accident I went back to university and trained as a program developer, quite a change of career! I had a wonderful time working for Microsoft for a number of years but always kept my creative muscles flexed doing styling, wardrobe consultation and personal 

shopping on the side.

I was lucky enough to be able to leave the workforce for a number of years and spend some amazing time with my daughter when she was born.

During this time, I always worked with a few people who requested my services.

Following a move to Dallas, Texas I decided the time was right to officially launch Style by Olive.

In the wake of a very successful year and a move back to Ireland, I am now ready to launch Style by Olive in Dublin, Ireland. 

I hope to bring as much joy to my Irish clients as I did to my wonderful Texan clients.


"My diverse career path has given me a unique perspective and skill set that is exemplified through my styling services. My style is chic with a little bit of edge. I think everyone should have their own individual authentic style that is informed by their personality and not entirely influenced 

by current trends". 

I hope to bring some of my style, love of fashion and success into your life. And to enhance your feeling of well being and love yourself for the wonderful person you are right now.

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