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Don’t be scared of the red lip!

Red lips say so much to me: Glamour - harking back to the golden age of Hollywood. Easy - even in just leggings and t-shirt you have to feel fab with a red lip on! Kissing - how much fun is it to plant a great big red smacker on your loved ones. Poor Daisy, one of our dogs, has been known to have a red lips mark on her head for days! Sexy - Is there anything sexier than seeing a woman applying a red lip straight from the bullet? French chic - pair with a Breton top and it can only recall Paris. Confidence - It shows you know who you are.

How to pick your color - I really know only one way: try all shades of red! There seem to be lots of make up rules on how some tints suit certain skin types but I am ghostly white in winter and wear whatever red I feel like.  When I put on tan and look a slightly warmer shade than white I still wear whatever hue of red I want. It doesn’t matter your skin color, just go for it!

Maybe the Courtney Love lip is what you are going for but I’m going to assume not! So how best to put it on? 💄 Prime your lips with a little brush from your toothbrush and apply balm 💄 Put a little foundation on your lips to hold your color 💄 Apply either with a brush or if you have a steady hand right from the bullet 💄 Blot with either some powder or tissue 💄 Apply again! 💄 Make an O with your lips, pop your finger in and pull it out - no more lipstick on your teeth. 💄 Or if in a rush just put it on and smile!

You now have the perfect red lip!

In the immortal words of Marilyn Monroe: Put on some red lipstick and live a little.


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