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Get a Glimpse Inside Olive's Closet

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

It’s always very exciting to look at a new closet, after all we’re all a bit nosy, or at least I am!  Every time they showed Carrie’s closet in Sex and The City I felt like I knew her just a little better from those inside peeks!  With this in mind I will show you my own closet.

As you can see in the photos - on the left are all my hanging things. Long in front and then at the back my shorter shirts and jackets. Above are my bags and boxes for storage, currently holding summer clothes, swimwear and some summer sandals. I can’t look at these things when it’s so brrr outside!

At the end are some more boxes with scarves, gloves and accessories for easy access. These are sorted by color and occasion. On the right are my husband’s clothes, I decided they are not mine to show so I hope you don’t mind that I don’t include a pic of these, right of his clothes are my shoes and short boots. I have two small stools in my closet to make climbing up for boxes and popping on shoes easier. Tall boots live in the coat closet, which currently holds all our warm coats.

I decided to show it so that you can get an insight into me!  This wardrobe of clothes, shoes and accessories have been amassed over many, many years and although I audit and update every spring and fall season there are certain core pieces that I call on again and again. These clothes make me really happy and I love to “shop” my closet every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not always perfect and put together, there are days when I like to wear my day pajamas (what I call leggings and t-shirt) but I know whatever my day there is always an outfit to pull out that suits my mood.

If you like the idea of having someone putting together outfits from your existing closet and perhaps filling any gaps that you may have with shopping trips I would love a call and let’s have a chat!



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