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Get Yourself Together!

In conversation with one of my lovely friends from home today, she had a little moan that her closet was a mess and she needed me there; that she thinks she looks a mess going out the door every day because of her crazy busy life!  Apart from doing FaceTime and trying on everything for me which may not be feasible with 3 kiddos and a six hour time difference,  I had to come up with a plan. 

A bit of background…She has several facets to her very hectic life – fab mum, career woman, wonderful wife, loving daughter and great friend. But it doesn’t just stop there!  Not only is she all those things but she cooks, cleans, kisses sore knees, organizes the house and gets everyone out the door reasonably clean and tidy.  After all that there isn’t much time for herself.

I bet this is a very familiar tale to many women.

My solution is to plan at least 15 outfits for your weekdays (work and weekday meetings – lunches, PTO, etc.). I make the argument for 15 because if you have 3 weeks of weekday outfits you really have a great enough choice for any weather or event!  There can be plenty of item overlapping here, so you actually don’t need too much clothes!

4 casual outfits for pottering around the house and running down to the shop that you don’t mind being seen in but not dressy at all.

4 outfits for date nights, girls’ nights out and house and dinner parties.

Try to get a little clothes rack, you can get one for less than $10 in Ikea. Put outfits together on the rack. Remember scarves, belts, jewellery, hats, sunglasses, shoes and bags can change up any outfit. So you could have a plain dress that you can count as 3 outfit changes with a cardigan, jacket or scarf and shoe change. Then you could try different scarves and belts with these and et voila! You have 3 more just like that!

Take a photo of each outfit as you are happy with it and keep a file of these outfits. Even print them out and pop them into a little plastic pocket that you can stick on the wall for a quick reference guide.

By taking the time to plan these outfits you are freeing up your very precious time to deal with the rest of your busy life and still know you look great.

I do have one rule however: do not wear any outfit that makes you feel anything less than fabulous!  In the words of a famous brand “you’re worth it”!

Have a happy day! Olive x


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