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Grace and Frankie!

I love the series Grace and Frankie! It’s hilarious and brilliant all at the same time. I especially love the main protagonists, whoever cast the parts was fantastic in their foresight. Grace and Frankie are characters that I can identify with on so many levels even if I am only in my forties. They’re dynamic, feisty, flawed, gorgeous women who have such defined personalities and the closets to go with these.

When we meet them on that fateful dinner with their soon to be ex-husbands their attire defines them so clearly before they even say a word! Fabulous Frankie with her flowing locks and flowing clothes is a breath of fresh air and buttoned up Grace in her buttoned up clothes indicate a woman so uptight she can barely be a human being! I can’t imagine better wardrobe design for both personalities.

In our world, be it in history or current day, everyone is judged by their looks - and I don’t just mean face, i mean their outfit, their posture, their countenance, and their aura (that feeling you get in your gut that tells you if you like them or not). We want to be judged on our intelligence and the content of our conversations but unfortunately the first impression is all visual in person. It’s why Spanx has made a billion dollars, why we dye our hair, why you’re reading this!

With this information in mind it’s worth thinking about what image you want to project. If you look at a chair you can determine if it’s a dining chair, easy chair, recliner, outside chair! If you look at a person you do the same thing! How do we harness this to our advantage? Have you ever heard of the advice: Dress for the job you want not the job you have? This is for all walks of life not just career wise.

It’s worth asking yourself every morning before you even think about what you’re going to wear - What image do I want to project today? I know we all have lazy days where we just don’t really care, and that’s fine too, however if we do want to be seen a certain way it is a good idea to dress for this role. If you’re not sure how to go about this I would suggest finding a public figure whose style you admire. It’s a good start until you find your style stride! How exciting it is when you find the style that defines you, if you’re already there - well done you! If, however, you’re not and might need a little assistance then a stylist could give you just the lead you need.

Happy styling!

Olive x

P.S. If you haven’t seen Grace and Frankie, then you’re in for a treat!


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