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Happy 2019!

Happy New Year! I am sitting here with Miss M and her two friends making slime and I can’t

imagine a better way to launch 2019 than to the soundtrack of little girls giggling madly! It

really is the best sound for the heart and mind.

I have decided that my word for this year is JOY. What I mean by this is to surround myself

with people who bring me joy, people who I bring joy to and enjoy each little moment for

what it is. 2018 was the year I learnt to meditate, and it really was amazing for me, it

quieted my mind and for sure creates a feeling of peace.

Another thing that brings me joy is to wear something beautiful every day. Whether it is a

piece of jewelry that has some special meaning or the cutest little slippers that have

pompoms on them! Every day should have meaning because we have the fortune to be

alive right now. In one hundred years’ time the things we worry about now will be so long

gone they won’t matter a jot! If you have the good fortune to have good health well that is

something that needs to be celebrated every day.

I watched a video recently of a guy talking about using his good things now, not waiting for

the right occasion. His nana (grandma) had all this amazing crockery and fancy clothes in

plastic and he asked her when she last used any of these things and her answer was never,

she was waiting for the right occasion. Well, his nana died within days and never got to use

her good things. This is something I speak to with all my clients. Today is important. Wear

your good clothes every day. So what if you’re overdressed?! Why not just enjoy the looks

you get – regardless of whether they are admiring or in amazement! This is about you

enjoying each day. If you live your life worrying about what other people think of you, you

will never live for yourself. As my wonderful friend Lorraine says – if you were everyone’s

cup of tea you would be a mug!!! What wise words.

So, for 2019, decide that you will wear something that makes you smile every day and

brings you JOY.

Olive x


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