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Happy Valentine’s Day honey - Dressing your other half!

When I met my gorgeous husband on the 26th October 1999 I fell in love at first sight! Him, not so much! With a bit of charm and wit he soon got trapped in my love web! He was just perfect for me, everything I ever wanted in the person I wanted to spend my life with. But his clothes....oh dear!

They say you can’t change anyone but I say you can change the way they dress! And boy did I need to!

S literally has no idea or care what he looks like, I love it! He has no sense of vanity whatsoever. Very refreshing! However that also means he did not dress well when we met but thankfully he was more than happy for me to take over that part of his life and he would never have to go shopping ever again! I am not kidding! He HATES shopping more than anyone else I know!

When we moved in together I got black sacks and he gave me free reign on his wardrobe, nearly all was donated or trashed. Poor S! The only thing he felt strongly about was his sporting jerseys and of course they were kept.

So once I got his measurements down pat I filled his closet with a few gems every month. He could not get over the difference good quality and nice looking clothes made. It truly changed the way he thought about how he presented himself.

So if you need some help dressing your significant other don’t hesitate to ask me for help.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Olive x


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