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Jeans - can’t live with them, can’t live without them!!!!

Have you found your IDEAL jeans yet? If the answer is yes then buy them in every color you can find!!!

If the answer is no then let’s have a chat…

Jeans shopping can be stressful for a lot of women. It generally forces them to look at their beautiful bodies and pick imperfections that they imagine are there! Your body is as it is, find jeans that look fabulous on your body not jeans that you want to just fit into. What I mean by this is that you need to try on many different style sometimes till you find your winner. Don’t give up, they are out there!

One of the things I have noticed for a long time is that women tend to stick to the style that they loved in their early twenties!! Have I touched a nerve with you? If I have, then think about all the wonderful things your body has done since then - had a baby/babies/travelled/hiked/eaten amazing meals/ran/etc. and now ask yourself why would your body fit the same style of jeans you wore then? Your body has changed because of the wonderful things you’ve been privileged to experience?

With that rant over I can say without exception that high waisted jeans are a woman’s best friend. They make waists, bums and legs look amazing. You have a great waist? Tuck in your tops to show this off! You have a great bum because now it isn’t being sliced by mid or low rise jeans and your legs look loooonng!! If you don’t believe me then head to your nearest jean store and try a pair of high waists on. Skinnies are my personal style of choice but straight or boot cut are great depending on your shape. If you’re going to wear a wider leg just put on a higher heel, it’s remarkable the difference it makes!

Enjoy your jeans,

Olive x


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