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Let's talk tights!

I know everyone hates them - I’m sure Meghan Markle is raging at every moment she has to wear them!! LOL!

But….it’s winter and bare legs just won’t cut it! The staple in Ireland from September to March is black opaque tights, preferably 100 denier to keep the cold out and be able to not shave their legs for a while - extra warmth!!! LOL. My personal favorite has always been Velvet sensation tights! Yes! I know you probably think I have lost my mind recommending a pair of tights for $105 but hear me out…. I literally have a pair of Wolford’s that are 6 years old and still immaculate! They don’t run, they don’t get ballie, they wash like a dream (in a hosiery bag), and they DON’T sag!!! If you can keep them away from sharp objects they will last you years and your cost per wear will be so low, it makes more sense than buying loads of cheap pairs.

Now let’s talk knee high and over the knee boots. Please do not wear these with bare legs, unless you are going for a particular look that sends out messages - think about it, you might not want to send these. These look great with opaque tights and give the illusion of long legs. Without tights they shorten your legs and show off knees that might not be as pert as they were at 20. Leggings, jeans, slim fit pants are all great options under these boots too. Please do not think I am criticizing anyone, I just think it is so important to understand the subliminal messages our images send out. Unfortunately this is one of these sartorial problem situations.

Cowboy boots - forget those tights and yeehaw!

I think tights and hold-ups can look incredibly alluring and the French women use these with aplomb. The image I always keep in my mind is of Lou Lou de la Falaise lounging with Yves San Laurent and Betty Catroux at his home. Seriously!!!!!!! Has any woman ever looked more alluring and self assured of her sexuality and magnetism. I LOVE this image…..maybe tights need to be reconsidered after all!


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