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Mirrors Ladies!

Styling and transforming closets has been my passion for over 20 years and there is one thing I notice consistently in most peoples homes, be it in the US or on the other side of the big pond - a lack of full length mirrors!

How can anyone see what they look like from head to toe without a mirror? Seriously, it’s just guess work. I don’t think there is a clothing store in the world that doesn’t have a full length mirror. Their sales would not be very good if they didn’t!

I have a very simple (Ikea) cupboard in my bathroom which has a full length mirror - it’s as cheap as chips and does the job great. In my bedroom I have a huge full-length mirror. I know, Feng Shui does not recommend this, but watching the turn of my shoe just means too much to me! Mirrors bring so much light in too. If you have an animal (dog, cat, budgie, llama (!)) you will get oodles of fun just watching them catch their reflection! There is a whole industry on YouTube featuring such videos alone….ok I digress, but I could while away a whole day watching these!

Sometimes I just want to wear a plain outfit but pop on my unicorn boots for fun - how could I even enjoy these if I couldn’t see them? They are a few seasons old now (from Marc Jacobs) but I cannot go out and have a bad night when I have them on and for me half the fun is getting ready - I just need to see my shoes to get me in the party mood!

I have a pair of luminous pink Charlotte Olympia pumps that bring joy to the hardest of hearts - they beg for a full length mirror. Yes, hands up, my name is Olive and I have a shoe obsession. That’s probably where my interest in full length mirrors came from!

Seriously though, don’t think I’m lecturing, it’s the best thing you can do for your closet and yourself! Go forth and seek the full length mirrors!

Olive x

Said unicorn boots and party pumps in the full length mirror. You only need to see the bottom bit!


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