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Moving to Dublin

Updated: May 10, 2019

Hi my lovelies!

It’s been a crazy time of late! We’ve made a move back to Ireland! It was somewhat forced

upon us due to my husband losing his job and, with it, our US work visas. Yes, this can, and

does, happen to anyone. We tried hard to stay for my burgeoning business but alas, it was

not meant to be. I am a great believer, though, that life’s twists and turns happen for many

reasons and hindsight always allows us a full view of the whys and wherefores! So,

although, it’s been a frantic and somewhat stressful number of months, it’s been a fantastic

time too. I think we can face life’s challenges and make them something to work with or

work against.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard when life throws such things at you and your family, but we

have definitely grown in many ways over the last 6 months as a consequence. We have

spent more time together as a family than any other time and this has been fantastic. We

know how strong we are, as individuals and as a unit, helps make any process, good or bad,

that much better to deal with. Logistically, it’s been challenging, but if anyone can deal with

this, it’s me!!! I am the logistical queen!! My husband got the news in November and since

then we have tried every process in the US visa system to stay, trust me! We know more

about the US visa legislation than we thought possible!! So when, in February, it looked

unlikely that we could stay we organized the sale of our house, shipment of our dogs, sale of

some beloved furnishings, shipment of our belongings, school for M, organizing a house to

live in in Dublin, all utilities changed in both countries, farewell parties, etc. and all that goes

with moving countries in 4 weeks!!! Yes, I told you I am the logistics QUEEN!!!! We arrived

back in Dublin March 28 th and I am only getting around to telling you all this now as I

thought the most important thing to do was concentrate on family stuff. M had 2 weeks

Easter vacation since she started school in Ireland so time with her was more important

than blogging. I love what I do for a living, but settling in a child to a new country, school,

way of living… has to take precedence over all else.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that our belongings left Texas the first week in March and will not

arrive in Dublin until May 15 th !!! We have been camping indoors since then…existing with a

garden table and chairs, for somewhere to sit, eat and hang out, and sleeping on a mattress

while we wait for our beds and stuff. That is why my Instagram and Facebook photos have

featured a very spartan like house. It is amazing, though, how little we need once we have

our loved ones around us.

The most difficult part of saying goodbye to Texas, for us, was bidding farewell to all the

amazing friends we made there. However, I strongly believe, that real friends are for life.

Even if we don’t talk every day or sometimes, even every month, real friends are forever. I

found it difficult to say goodbye to everyone and therefore didn’t get to all the lovely people

I hoped to. It can get very emotional when every conversation is a goodbye. Sometimes,

it’s best for our soul to slip away quietly to recover from the onslaught of emotions felt in

such a short time preserving our souls and our sanity.

So, with this, thank you to all my wonderful Texan based friends who provided me with such

love over our four years there.

Love Olive x


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