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Olive's Picks: A Great Hanger

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

I just love a good hanger and I am one of those people that has to have matching hangers. It just looks so pleasing to the eye!

Do you ever walk into a shop and notice the hangers?No! Nor should you but if they were all different you certainly would notice how messy it looked.

My favorite hanger is this one:

It's plain and gentle on clothes. Silks don't fall off because of the flocking and it won't mark clothes like wire hangers. They simply disappear when all your hangers are the same and facing the same direction so all you notice are your clothes. Exactly what a hanger should do.

These hangers can be purchased from any number of sources; Costco, Walmart, Home Goods and online.

If you want another color other than black just ensure that you buy enough for your whole closet and for future buys, so that if they go out of production you have enough.

End of sermon!

Olive x


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