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Olive's Picks: Scarf Tying 101

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Who doesn't love a good scarf?!

I bet you have lots of beautiful scarves in your closet and if you wear them, only wear them in a few ways. Well one of my favorite presents to give are the Hermes knotting series. These can be picked up for as little as $45 online and give you as many as 21 different ways to wear a scarf.

I know you can always look at YouTube to see many different people styling scarves but really, who doesn’t want a little orange box from Hermes? Luxury at its best!

It does get hot here in Texas so sometimes wearing a scarf is really not a feasible option. In this case tie a little silk square around a handle of your bag.

Scarves are one of the quickest ways to tranform an outfit, they really are such a fun and versatile accessory.

Happy tying!

Olive x


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