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Olive’s top pointers to make your closet easier to navigate

Closet Organization Tips

My number one rule is only keep what you love!  If you don’t love it you will never feel good about yourself when you wear that item.

If you’re a bit iffy about something ask yourself would you buy it again? If the answer is yes then it’s a keeper.

Get the right hangers and get enough of them to do all your clothes.  This enables your closet to look neat and shop like.

Have you got a full length mirror?  This is an essential  - as how else are you going to see your whole outfit?  I’m talking to the ladies who stand on their baths to see themselves in their vanity mirror.  You’ll fall off and hurt yourself when you could save yourself a whole lot of pain!!!

Get the right lighting in your closet.  Out with the buzzing florescent and in with the bright lights, I have a little chandelier in mine as it makes it more of a room.  If you think this is a bad idea then go into any Abercrombie & Fitch shop and try to see their merchandise in their awful lighting! 

Try to have every bit of clothing you own in your closet so that you don’t have to go from room to room. If you don’t have enough room then separate the seasonal clothes - put the winter clothes in storage in another part of your home and vice versa with the summer clothes.

Include your shoes and accessories in your closet too so that you can put a whole outfit together all in one room.

Have a designated rail or section of a rail for each type of clothing: dresses one section, tops and jackets another one and so on.  This helps you make quick decisions based on whether you want a one and done dress or separates.

You should have another designated space for your shoes so that you can see them all at a glance. This helps you get ready so much faster rather than having them in boxes and forgetting what’s in them.  I include transparent boxes in this too because when you’re in a hurry to get out the door you don’t need to be opening boxes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

Mix your work/gong out/casual closet up! Just because you have a blouse assigned as work wear doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up with jeans and the right accessories.  If you love something you should give it as many chances as possible to wear it.  This also gives you the feels about the value you get when you think of the cost per wear ratio!  If you wear suits to work see if you can use them as separates outside of work.

When you have time, whenever you can get it, play dress up!  This is how you put outfits together without being in a rush to get out the door.  When you love an outfit take a photo of it so that you can remember it when you’re stuck in a time pinch.

If you want more tips I am happy to have a chat!



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