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Spring Clean Your Closet

It’s March so it’s time to get your closet ready for those lighter clothes!

But first, go through your winter closet to ensure that all will be in order for when you need

it come September. Sort the clothes that you wore from those winter items you never

wore. Examine the items you didn’t wear and decide if you will ever wear them and if not

then sell or donate them. If you want to keep items ask yourself why you didn’t wear them

this winter, if you have a good reason then keep them. If not, make them work for you by

getting rid of them, they no longer serve you.

Next, go through the items you did wear and sort them into cleaning, mending, donating or

storing. Then move the things left back to the back of your closet ready for Fall/winter to


This is a great way to start your Spring as it keeps you focused on the items that worked for

you. Can you translate these items into a spring look? What did you feel “wow” in? Can

you replicate this in a spring-like fashion? Now again, arrange your spring closet into items

that need to be cleaned, mended, don’t work anymore and those to keep!

The don’t work anymore – be ruthless here. It has to go if it doesn’t fit - don’t make

yourself feel guilty with smaller sizes in your closet, it’s just not good for your mental

wellbeing to be taunted by a piece of clothing.

Is it not flattering you? Then out it goes. I don’t care how much it cost, you will never feel

good in this and you won’t wear it as a consequence.

Do you no longer like the style? Buh-bye!! Don’t keep it till it comes back around, that just

clutters your closet with stuff you’re not going to wear this season. Can it be

changed/tailored to suit you? If yes, then add to the mend pile.

Now to the clothes that work. Make outfits for different occasions in your life with what is

left and assess what needs to be mended, cleaned or altered. This is a great time to make

a reference photo album of the outfits you put together so that you can get ready much

faster in the mornings.

This is also a good time to make a list of the things you think your closet is missing. Think

about the items or accessories you think might bring your outfits to another level and do

some online research to see where best to find these. Try to buy from local stores to keep

those stores open, especially any independently owned stores. These are what make our

towns live and breathe.

I have already done a blog on the trends for this spring summer so, if you need any help

deciding what the trends are then please use it!

Happy Springtime!!

Olive x


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