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Stop letting your clothes control you.

Do you say any of the phrases below?

Words are very powerful. They seep into your subconscious and become the truth. If you use any of these phrases it is time to remove them now.

“That was very expensive.”

The cost should be irrelevant when it comes to items in your closet. Your feelings about the item is the important part. Do you love it? If the answer is no, or any variation of this, ie not a definite YES, then it is time to part ways with said garment. You may have bought it for a considerable amount but all it is doing is making you feel guilty about how much it cost. STOP! Get rid of it now.

“My mom/sister/friend gave it to me, I can’t throw it out!”

Guess what? They were giving you their trash! Get rid of it now.

“I bought this on holiday in 2010.”

Get a physical memory box. Put things you want to keep in it and keep the rest of your memories in your head! Alternatively take a photo of it, and hey presto your memory is now stored. Get rid of it now.

“I might wear it yet.”

Why haven’t you worn it before? If the answer is anything other than I love it - get rid of it now.

“I might lose/put on the weight again.”

This is a big No-No. These clothes will either allow you to gain the weight, by giving you the option of wearing them, or they make you feel guilty about not fitting into them anymore. You deserve to be happy right now. Live in the now and enjoy the beautiful body you have at this moment. No garment in your closet should have the power to make you feel bad about yourself. Get rid of it now.

“It’s got tags on, I have to keep it!”

If it’s got tags on and it’s more than a few weeks old then you are probably never going to wear it. When you get something you love those tags come off fast. You are dying to wear it. This is not one of those. Get rid of it now.

“I didn’t try it on in the shop but didn’t have time to bring it back.”

Why is it taking up good real estate in your closet? Either return it and get your money back or just move it along. Either way, get rid of it now.

“I didn’t even know I had that!”

Clearly you don’t need it. If you loved it you would not have forgotten about it. Get rid of it.

How liberated do you feel when you release yourself from keeping garments that have no place in your closet? In fact, it is downright cathartic!

Enjoy your new found freedom.

Olive x


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