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The art of following fashion or not

When I was in my teens and twenties I was a hopeless follower of fashion!  I loved new trends and tried every single style there was out there - glam, goth, boho, preppy - you name it, I tried it!!!!  

Looking back at old photos is hilarious/cringeworthy!!!!  But I had so much fun with fashion and trends and breaking them too.  I think the fact that I tried every single style helps me feel comfortable in my own skin and it definitely helped educate me on my style and what suits my figure/occasion/mood!

This is something I really try to promote this with my daughter too.  As long as what’s she’s wearing is weather appropriate she can wear whatever she wants.  This is allowing her to figure out what she likes and doesn’t.

I’m not so slavish to fashion now as I think most trends are meant for a teenage/20s/maybe 30s body - crop tops anyone?

And if I see another ruffled sleeve I think I’ll scream! Seriously!!!!???

It would be great to see young people experiment more with fashion rather than trying to fit in.  What rule following designer ever became famous??? Knowing the rules of fashion as so much fun and can be even more fun to break!  Exercise your style!  If you’re not sure what that is - try them all and see which makes you feel happiest!

Olive x


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