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The Cocktail Outfit Dilemmas

Cocktail wear can be approached with dread or a great sense of adventure. You’ve probably gathered already that I will take any opportunity to dress up and see how far I can really take it! Therefore a night on the tiles in cocktail or evening wear is just so much fun for me I can barely contain my enthusiasm.

Above: S and I out on the town! One of my favorite cocktail dresses!

In Ireland we really love to dress up, be it just a night out with the girls or a gala event. It’s a little more casual here in suburban Texas. Don’t worry, I still try to air as much of my wardrobe at any occasion. I’m sure I look entirely out of place but I am eccentric enough to get away with it, or at least I am in my head..!

There just so happens to be such an event coming up in a couple of weeks here - the annual school fund raiser! Honestly, we’ve attended it for the past couple of years and it is so much fun and so wonderfully glamorous, I feel in my element. I always have some good dresses hanging around (see what I did there!) but I never pass up an excuse to shop for more! There are so many great choices for any budget, shape or dress code. I’ve been helping a few gorgeous ladies find the right outfit for the evening and wow, they are going to look fabulous, not just because of the dresses they wear but how it makes them feel.

This year there is a Clue night with a 1920s theme. Themes are great fun and can give you a good guide for what to wear. However, if you are like me and happen to have a decent set of knockers (US translation equals boobs!), than a 1920s flapper dress might not be the best for my shape. There are ways around this though - you can borrow as much or as little from the theme as makes you feel comfortable. So maybe focus on jewelry or a bag or shoes that reflect the era, or if you have something you really want to wear that has nothing to do with the theme, go for it! You’re probably won’t be asked to leave for wearing your favorite little black number - LOL!!

I have a few outfits in mind, and will show you my final choice on the night (3rd March). I might even be dancing up on the stage by the DJ again this year! Party on!!

How could anyone not have the time of their life wearing any of these?

Check out some awesome options from Neiman Marcus below!

From Left to Right:


Maria Bianca Nero:

Jenny Packham:


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