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The gift of giving…or receiving! Mother's Day is coming!

The gift of giving…or receiving!

Mother’s day is coming (May 13th) and maybe your husband/kids might need some help getting you something nice. I provide a gift giving service so if you’ve ever got an iron/blender/vacuum cleaner/window cleaning set (seriously?) as a present, maybe send them my way and I will ensure you get something lovely but with a gift receipt and an hours shopping as part of that package.

If however you think he/them might be good but need a little guidance well then maybe leave this page open surreptitiously on your iPad, laptop, iBook…basically wherever they might end up reading it!

I will make a short list of the presents I think would put a happy smile on your face:


Seriously, can a man ever go wrong with jewelry and if so make sure they always get a gift receipt or tell the jewelers what pieces you really love so that they can “show” them pieces that are suitable!

There are a few brands that I am really in love with right now:

Luxor is an amazing shop right down the road in Colleyville. Their choice of jewelry as well as their customer service is amazing. They also make pieces onsite so if you want to use that diamond on your granny’s ring in another way they are the people to call. I got the most fabulous threader earrings there last year that they made.

If you don’t live in north Texas then find your local goldsmith or jewelers that make their own jewelry by searching google. The Last Line found at does really interesting pieces that are modern and future heirlooms. If you love gems this is the site for you. Seriously cool stuff.

For more humbler pieces is gorgeous! They have delicate little necklaces, earrings and rings that are fab for regular day wear with femininity.

Etsy is also a great place to find reasonable pieces that have their own personality.


I love wearing perfume but this is a very personal thing to buy. My advice for this is that you either tell them exactly what brand to buy or point them in the direction of base notes - musky, vanilla, fresh, floral. The base notes are the scents that reveal themselves after about an hour of wearing. I started with these because this is actually what you’ll smell like for the day!

Top and Medium notes are the initial scent and the scent after about 15 minutes. Again figure out what type of scents you are attracted to.

A good perfume seller can help with this information and definitely get you the one you want. If all else fails point your beloved to the Tom Forde or Chanel ranges, there are no bad scents here.

If you’re not really sure that he might get this one right why not get a perfumed bath lotion or body lotion. These are a great gift at a much more reasonable price range.


Who doesn’t want a new bag! So many styles to choose from!

The two types of bags I think are gorgeous for presents are a good tote or a cross body. These are at the more practical range of bags but aren’t these the bags that you will use on a daily basis so you want a really good hardwearing sort.

Louis Vuitton patterned totes are very popular locally but I love their Epi range the best - very subtle. I LOVE Tom Forde’s tote, it is magnificent but a huge investment for a bag. I can’t imagine any mom not being thrilled with this on mother’s day but that might be reaching!

Furla and Tory Burch are great reliables - well made and hard wearing. Malouf’s is a great store here in North Texas that stocks a great range of both.

For cross bodies I love a saddle bag that can comfortably fit your body and is easy to reach with lots of good pockets. does a great range with some fun appliqués. Again and are great sources of cross body bags at a reasonable price range.

There are so many gorgeous things out in the world to buy but I just scratch the surfaced for some nice things here!

Or you could always get a really cool experience like one of my friends does - her most recent birthday present is a round with a NASCAR driver! Good one!

I hope you all have a wonderful mother’s day and that this helps get you something nice that you so deserve!

Olive x


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