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The search for the perfect white tee ends here!

If you’re anything like me you’ve been searching for the perfect white T-shirt for a long time. I even wondered was this search in vein as I thought I’d never find it.

There are a few prerequisites when it comes to my perfect white T-shirt -

It has to be good quality

I don’t want to be able to see my bra inside the shirt

The V has to be the perfect amount of cleavage, ie not much

It needs to hit your arms at the right place so that no one sees bingo wings or not too tight if you have muscles,

It can’t go bally after a few wears

The quality should be consistent if I want to buy more

It needs to be just the right length to maybe tuck it in, the perfect length is to the top of the hip

Of course it also has to be sparkling white

There are a few brands with nice Tees - JCrew do a good linen mix t-shirt, it’s a little thin so I can see my bra but otherwise it’s nice.

Athleta do good Tees with a little something, something - they have good cut outs and nice drapes but the perfect Tee? Not quite yet.

Vince is a great brand for quality and consistency but their white Tees are a little see through too. Great in other colors though.

For nice but inexpensive Gap is always fine.

There are other brands but just not quite there yet.

For me though, the absolute best white T-shirt I have ever found is this Levi’s one:

If you follow my Facebook posts you probably already know I love Levi’s jeans. I have been wearing them for over 30 years! (where did the time go?) and although I have strayed to more trendy and expensive jeans, I keep coming back to Levi’s.

So what makes this the perfect T-shirt?

The excellent fabric, not at all see-through, sits perfectly and does not pull across my boobs. It also washes really well and once you wash it with whites it retains that lovely sparkling white hue. Although the thing I always love about Levi’s, be it the Tees or jeans, is the consistency of their products. You know exactly what you’re getting with that brand.

This is the perfect T-shirt to wear with jeans, shorts, inside a blazer, etc. It also comes in a variety of colors but for me the white is the greatest.

Let me know what you think of these when you buy one.

Olive x


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