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The Summer Sales

I know I mentioned the Nordstrom anniversary sale in another blog but I want to come back to sales and the art of shopping them!

The best thing you can do before you even leave your home is to go into your closet and figure out if anything is missing from it or is old and needs to be replaced or if you have a favorite color and it doesn’t feature in your closet. Is there a particular item of clothing that you’re always attracted to? Do you need more to fulfill this attraction? Will your other half kill you if you do???!!! My bete noire is black dresses! They are the bane of my life because I rarely have met one I didn’t like!

When you have an idea of what your closet needs - make your list and plan your shopping trip according to what stores you love, maybe even throw in a visit to a shop you’ve never gone into before to see if you get a pleasant surprise in their merchandise.

I love to stock up on my basics at sale time - jeans, tees, blazer, plain dresses that can be dressed up or down. This is great but maybe not so exciting. The exciting part for me is when I see something that was not on my list but I LOVE it and cannot live without it! Dramatic, I know, but whenever I haven’t bought the things that I totally fell for I always regretted it and I don’t believe in having regrets!!!

Speaking of falling in love - I had just such a feeling this Saturday past in Theory in Dallas! I saw a totally impractical jacket that I simply could not live without!!!!! Swoon!!! Just in case you were wondering, yes I did buy it. I will not describe it now as I want to surprise you with a photo when the weather gets colder. I cannot even justify wearing a jacket in 100 degrees plus!!!

So happy shopping and get those bargains, but remember they are only bargains if you absolutely love them. Don’t part with your hard earned money because an item is good value. Ask yourself if you love it and cannot live without it in your life?!!!

Olive x


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