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Top 5 Wardrobe Basics

I often get asked by people what my top 5 essential items are and with much deliberation I have come up with my list!

When you’re building a closet as an adult you need to think about products that are going to give you as much wear as possible. I try to buy the best quality clothes I can afford, so they last and you get a good return on your investment when you consider the cost per wear. My mom instilled this in me and I was only talking to my sister a few days ago about this - she is doing the exact same with her daughters, as I will do with Miss M.

So, to the list!

The perfect white shirt. This is probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could have. It works on it’s own with jeans, a suit, layered over a turtle neck, tied over a dress, as a extra layer when you’re chilly - but, I hear you ask - what about the gaping???! This is one problem I hear all the time! It happens to us all so I recommend getting a size up to fit your boobs and then go to a tailer to get it tapered in to fit you perfectly, this is money well spent. I have another trick up my sleeve too -toupé tape! This is the ideal double sided tape to keep that gap closed, find it here: little black dress. Where would we be if Coco Chanel had not designed this piece??? Before that black was strictly a color of mourning. Now it’s a favorite of nearly every woman I know. Thank you Coco! But I digress! I believe the perfect black dress that will be the most versatile is one that’s knee length and fitted - crew neck if small chested and a v-neck if well endowed. My absolute personal favorite is a black wrap dress by Diane von Fürstenberg. That lady knows how to dress a woman’s body. A wrap dress suits absolutely every body shape. I have yet to meet someone who they don’t suit. Don’t think you need to buy a $600 dress to get this. I love for preloved items that are amazing and within my price range, this is my little secret! Jeans. The mainstay of most closets. You might remember that I have blogged on this previously and I really think the ideal jean for grown women’s bodies are high waisted in style. I have so many clients who were married to their mid-risers and with some convincing I managed to get them to try those high waists. Let me tell you, not one of them has worn their hipsters again!! If budgets are tighter I recommend for their 9 and 10” rise jeans - they suit everyone. If you can stretch your budget a bit go for or These have super fits.The black leather jacket. This is a piece that will never go out of style. I love them in blazer style, bomber style, preppy style but my absolute favorite is the biker jacket. Mine is well over 10 years and it shows how loved it has been. It is butter soft from years of wear and still looks great with everything. It’s perfect when I want to shake up a more sober outfit with a bit of punk. Who doesn’t love a bit of edge?! Do a search on biker leather jackets and get the best one you can afford - you will never regret it.And last, but not least! The navy blazer. This is the last on my list of perfect wardrobe basics because it is a classic. It pairs perfectly with jeans, when an occasion calls for dressy casual. Most dresses look amazing with a navy blazer over them. A basic tee or shirt looks great with it and you will always look put together in it. always have a great navy blazer and check out is you can push your budget a little further.

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