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Top 6 jewelry pieces every woman should have:

1. The cocktail ring - when I want to feel like a bad-ass woman I wear my huge pearl cocktail ring on my left pinky and only wear my wedding band and plain gold knuckle ring on that hand. It makes me feel very grown up and womanly! I love the garnet with the diamond halo from - it’s a bit special or you could always pop onto, they always have great options.

2. A very slim , tiny necklace with a tiny pendant that means something - this is your everyday staple and becomes your signature piece. It’s elegant and subtle. Very chic. is always good for choices and check out this great chain on

3. An amazing watch - and I don’t mean an Apple Watch - that is fine for the day but at night you should have the perfect cocktail watch that is a classic. Think the tank or the Cape Cod. Of course that is the crazy, beautiful high end but there are always less expensive wonderful options. is a lovely option and for a much cheaper option try - they are wonderful for a less than $100 price point - excellent Christmas present material.

4. A huge statement chunky necklace - think Iris Apfel for a real knock out piece and wear it with confidence! I would think oversized pearls if you have a more preppy or understated look, try But if you really want to go for it try Etsy - there are soooo many options there that I think you will find it hard to stop at just one!

5. A great bracelet - whether you are a silver or platinum person or a yellow or rose gold lover pick something with panache and style that reflects your personality. It can be the slimmest of bangles like the Gold Slim cuff from (I adore this site, but my husband doesn’t, LOL), or go for a mixed metal piece like the Candice cuff from - just fabulous!

6. Diamond stud earrings - I was only going to do a top 5 but I just could NOT leave off diamond studs. These are a classic for a reason. They bring light to your face, you always feel good wearing them and they project an image of elegance. Who doesn’t want ALL of these things. You could go for or even if you are super lucky enough you just have to have that little blue box from - Heaven in a box!

Ask Santa for something if you’ve been naughty or nice!!!


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