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Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Don’t you just love that word! Very Downton!

Okay! Let’s talk about bras and knickers! Good undergarments allow your outfit to sit right. If you can see your knicker line or have double boobs then that’s all anyone can see, your outfit is just an aside. I have no problem with a cheeky, pretty bra strap on show, very Bardot, but no one wants to be on seen at Walmart!

Go to your favorite bra shop and get measured, do not guess your size. If you’re anything like me you might have several different sizes depending on your time of the month. Men never have this problem with their boxers!

Also there are so many good knickers out there just get some that are vpl free and you're on the pig’s back! An Irish saying that means you’re good to go!

Olive x


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