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What shape are you in? Let's talk body shapes!

What shape are you in?

No, I am not talking about being fit and going to the gym. This is Style by Olive. Guess what - no one’s body is perfect. Shock! Horror!! Not even Victoria’s Secret angels!!! Those models work hard to ensure they look perfect for that show, even forgoing water on show days so that they don’t have the slightest of imperfections. This is not sustainable.

Where am I going with this...? We all have bodies and want to make the most of them when we dress. Do you know your body shape? If not, this is a simple guide to help you.

There are several different shapes:

· Straight, or boyish

· Pear, which is larger at the bottom

· Apple, which is larger around the middle

· Hourglass, same at boobs and hips and a smaller, defined waist

· Inverted triangle, larger on top with narrow hips


Your body type is straight if you have the same measurements for your chest, waist and hips. Often this type of body has long, slim limbs. Meghan Markle and Giselle Bündchen are great examples of straight body types. Wear boyish jeans, dresses that are fitted and show off those killer legs and arms.


Are your hips large and bust small? Then you are a pear! But I bet you have a teeny tiny waist too - lucky you!! Jennifer Lopez is a classic pear-shape and everything looks great on her! Your best shape in jeans is high waisted and skinny, your body will look amazing in these. Dresses look great too, just make sure they are belted to show off that waist.


Do you carry your weight from under your arms to your hips? Then, you guessed it, you’re an apple! And who doesn’t love apples?!! Octavia Spencer and Drew Barrymore are classic apples with great legs. Tunics and blouses in silky, not clinging fabric, are great for you and should have a V-neck to elongate your neck. Wear fabrics that float over your body and show off those legs and arms. Skinny jeans will be great on you but wear your tops out over your jeans. Jackets should hit you at hip height to elongate your legs.


Are your bust and hips equal in size with a curved in waist? Then, lucky you, you’re an hourglass!! Sofia Vergara and Beyoncé are both hourglass shapes. This is a very easy figure to dress but can come across as too sexy sometimes! Wrap dresses look amazing on you as do high waisted jeans in skinny or flared. Tone down the sexy when you need to!

Inverted Triangle

You have wider shoulders and are straight from your waist to hips with an undefined bottom. But those legs!! Naomi Campbell and Angelina Jolie are both inverted triangles and look great in everything. A lot of models have this shape as clothes hang from their shoulders and move gracefully over the rest of their bodies. Skinny jeans with mid or low waists suit you as do flares because you tend to have longer legs. Short dresses that skim rather than fit look great on you too.

I hope this short guide has been helpful!

Enjoy your shape whatever it is!

Olive x


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