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What style means to me ?

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Hi there!

I recently watched the documentary on Iris Apfel on Netflix again and let me tell you this woman is a total inspiration to me! If you are not familiar with Iris, she is an interior designer and fashion icon. She’s like a unicorn in a field of white sheep! I cannot take my eyes off her. She mixes styles and fashions and tons of accessories (I’m nearly being literal) to create a look that is entirely her own. She discovered this look many years ago and at 96 is still rocking it!

Style, in my humble opinion, is not slavishly following fashion, but knowing the fashion rules and breaking the ones you want! I love when I see someone who looks totally comfortable in their own skin. This confidence shines out through them. I don’t care if you’re wearing a 20 year old dress or a brand new outfit, if you carry it off with aplomb then that’s what matters.

There are many different styles in my own closet so that when I wake up I can decide if I want to be a peacock or a peahen! It’s totally dependent on how I feel. I believe clothes should make you feel happy.

Some people, like Anna Wintour, find a style and stick to it, hello patterned dresses and lots of necklaces! Or some folks experiment every day. The whole point of clothes is to feel fabulous, whether you want to blend in or stand out from the crowd.

Cameron Diaz attended the Oscars in 2002 (see right) in an Ungaro dress, messy hair and chipped nail polish and was massacred by the media commentators. I, on the other hand, thought she looked fabulous! I have no idea if she intended to turn up like that or just had a bad day and no time to do all the necessary grooming for an event like the Oscars. Regardless, she had the biggest real smile on her face and had the most wonderful air of insouciance. She looked confident and comfortable! How many women can carry off their own personal style like that? I say bravo!

This is not to say that perfectly polished nails and perfectly coiffured hair are not equally stylish! I just find the ability to smile with confidence says that you have found your style niche!

Congratulations if you have and happy hunting if you’re still looking.

Let's stay on this style journey together!

Olive x


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