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Service Guide & Prices


The most important part of my job is to learn about you - your likes and dislikes, general lifestyle,  those occasions in your life you might need outfits for, and to find out what brings you joy so I can make you feel fabulous!

I usually start by having a nice cup of (Irish!) tea and getting to know you. You are the most important person in this process and my role is to make you feel wonderful.  Have you started a new job, maybe you're a new Mom, have lost or put on a little weight or generally are just fed up with your closet. This is where I come in. This initial consultation will be all about you and forming a plan on how best we can get you to feeling fab! Believe me, you will look and feel fabulous at the end of this journey.

Now sometimes this can be an emotional journey. I know it’s just a wardrobe, but trust me the transformation is both inside and out. I have had some clients who still have their maternity clothes in their closets and their kids are nearly in high school!  Some folks are just at a new point in their lives and need to move on from their old selves and attires. Many women feel a little lost with their closets when they have a new baby or a new body following an operation. There are, of course, a lot of ladies who have closets filled with clothes and still “have nothing to wear”, and there are some people who just have limited closets and don’t know where to start!

I have had one lovely client who had a wardrobe of clothes that was so large and filled with such gems that all we did was whittle it down to what made her look amazing and she got to sell the items she no longer liked – great result! 

So let’s chat and get your plan together.  It’s your time to feel fabulous!




Let’s shop your closet!  Oh-oh, not quite there yet… 

That’s the whole point of this part of my services.

Together you and I will go through your closet trying on things, finding the gems and ridding those items that no longer serve your life or make you feel wonderful.  I will put order into your closet with the items we decide to keep and create outfits.  We will come up with a plan for any items I think might add a new dimension to your closet, advise you on accessories and organize your shoes and bags. We will thoroughly clean out your closet and hang and fold everything that’s left.  

You and I can plan on what you would like to do with those items no longer needed, you can transform these into cash, and there are lots of options.


There are a few different options here:

  1. If this is a follow on service from the Closet Transformation then we will have a list of items that we want to focus on.  We will shop together in your favorite stores, or some I can introduce you to, and make sure that you go home with some wonderful additions to your now amazing closet! This tends to be a fast shopping trip as it’s focused and I know you well by this point.

2. Shopping for an occasion. This again will be a much focused shopping trip. Specifically finding the perfect outfit for your event.  I can help you overcome the sartorial minefield that is cocktail dressing, business casual or even a beach wedding. You name the occasion and together we will find the outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous!  You’ll be dying for more occasions to show off your wonderful style!

 3. Vacation shopping. You tell me where you’re vacationing and we’ll find the ideal outfits for each day/evening of your holiday away.

4. General shopping. This is a shopping trip when you just want to find some new pieces. Oh what fun! This is like an a la carte menu! Let’s go to shops that are new and known to you and have fun with many different styles.  You might stop me after one shop because you’ll have so many new things, yay!


If you have someone in your life who would love my services or could benefit from them then why not gift them with a consultation and wardrobe transformation - or a little shopping trip with me!

They will love you for it!

Alternatively is it a chore for you to shop for gifts?  Do you hate the thought of trawling through stores or websites? Simply give me a list of the people you want to buy for, your budget and a brief description of their personality and I will come up with a list for each person. When you are happy with my choices I will purchase and wrap them for you. 

Or is your dilemma that you have an impossible person to buy for in your life and you want to provide them with the perfect gift? Then let me help you with that too!  I love gift-giving and I can tell you they are generally not predictable! You can ask my long suffering but very happy husband!!

I look forward to the challenge!


Do you hate packing? Allow me to make this problem go away. I will put together outfits for your trip, pack them and ensure that you are covered for each day/event of your jaunt., making certain that when you get to your destination that your clothes, shoes and accessories come out perfectly. All you have to think about is enjoying your trip, be it business or pleasure!


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