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Let me first say, you will never meet another human being like Olive.  Her relationships are her passion and she radiates that with every breath she takes - just yesterday she dropped everything to come to my house and help me zip up a dress when my husband was still at the office (true story!).   She’s a lifter of people and I so love that!

So when she offered to go shopping with me to help spruce up my wardrobe as I cleared out years of maternity clothes and pre-kid outfits that just fit entirely different (and entirely wrong) now , I jumped on the chance just to have a girls day with Olive!  But let me tell you, Olive had a plan for me and even though I *thought* I knew what looked good on me, what would be versatile for my life and what would carry me the longest, Olive picked out pieces I would never have seen on my own and completely nailed it.  My only challenge was what to put back and sadly not buy because, ya know, I still have to put my kids through college! Ha! 

In all seriousness, Olive has a classic style all her own but she is an expert at getting to know YOU and your style.  She will dress you like you, not like her, and I love that!

Had an absolute blast shopping with Olive, she knows me personally so that’s how she works it into style of shopping with her clients. We shopped in a few favourites of mine when I’m stateside at Banana Republic, Anthropologie & then Athleta. Olive armed me with some beautiful pieces, in particular a Navy dress in BR, which I never would have picked up, but instinctively Olive knew how it would sit on me, I felt like a ‘million dollars’ in the changing room as I swooshed around in front of the mirrors! Back in Anthropologie she armed me with a a light Navy Knit Kinomi style long cardigan (teamed with blue jeans and white Tee) and silk navy ribbon on the back. I’ve a summer party coming up in May in Dublin (weather permitting but come sun or rain I’ll be wearing it) it has every colour of the rainbow long figure hugging dress  that again, I would never have picked up but in true Olive style picked another WINNER! 
She is a natural at this styling and I wish her all the best with existing and new clients to followThank you Olive!!!


Hear from Olive's Clients


I have to say that your help and guidance made a massive difference to me personally. I have much more confidence now when dressing casually and think far broader than my gym gear  

I love to think more about accessories and how I can add splashes of color to both work and casual outfits. I ‘worry’ much less when dressing to meet friends (tended to worry about whether my outfit was too dressy/too casual etc) and definitely ‘own’ what I am wearing now. 


I also have to say that packing my suitcase is much easier now too after your lesson there  

Thank you Olive!!!

Karly C.

After years of having babies and joyfully fluctuating in size, I was ready to update my wardrobe and have a closet full of clothes that fit me.  My mom had worked with Olive and I’d seen the {very positive} transformation in the way she dressed.  Olive’s magnetic personality makes it easy to invite her into your home and your closet and she gets to know YOU.  I have a very different style than my mom.  Olive didn’t try to dress me like my mom or like Olive.  She dressed me like me.  She encouraged me to move past my comfort zone and explore more interesting accessories and different approaches to wearing clothes I already owned.  She helped me put together outfits and a look book with photos for my reference, because as a CPA, I’m much more comfortable with Excel spreadsheets than figuring out which belt looks best with my jeans.  Olive spurred a compliments – confidence cycle.  My husband has attributed my increased confidence to my new wardrobe.  Just think about that – my husband actually encouraging me to go shopping with a stylist.  You know he genuinely sees a big difference.  Not only in what I’m wearing, but how I’m wearing it and holding myself.  I now have a closet full of work, weekend, play, and date night clothes.  I feel more polished in all of them.  Olive’s effervescent personality made every step of the process fun.  I highly recommend her styling services!


Olive and I went shopping in search of a few dresses in Southlake Square.  It didn't take long for her to spot a few items she felt would look good on me.  Normally, I would have passed right over them on the rack - but with Olive's encouragement I tried them on and loved them.  In just an hour or two we found several dresses at J Crew and Loft that I felt great wearing!  I loved that she took me to stores I was already familiar with, but gave me the confidence and nudge to try something a little different.


It has been my privilege to work with Olive on my wardrobe. She has helped me with purging my closet of items that don’t flatter me. She is very positive and keeps it upbeat when offering all of her suggestions.
She has given me many ideas for future purchases of clothing to enhance my wardrobe. Working with her has improved my confidence and now I don’t even try to buy some of the things I used to. She is very knowledgeable in the fashion area and she uses her time very efficiently. The early investment I made with Olive continues to pay off with my shopping choices and confidence.


Whilst I did not choose to have cancer, I did want to choose how people treated me. I bought a few headcovers but it made me feel like sick person and I didn’t want to leave my house. 

Olive turned up at my house with a $10 Fedora hat from Target, I think I wore it for 7 months straight! It is funny how with a few little tweaks Olive gave me the confidence to live life as normal as possible while undergoing so many physical changes.

Olive’s sartorial advice helped me maintain my sense of self through a rough journey.


Let Olive take the stress and indecision out of shopping and help put order back in your closet.
Olive has been my go to for the last number of years. Every season she edits my closet and not only prunes those items that no longer serve me, but puts outfits together with what is left and suggests any updates that need to be added to keep that area of  my life ticking over.
I now get up every morning with a plan of what I’m going to wear without the stress of “ I’ve got nothing to wear” syndrome.
I cannot recommend Olive’s consultation and shopping services highly enough .
She has made a huge difference to not just  my closet but how I feel about myself.
Thanks Olive!



I reached out to Olive during a transitional period of my life.  I was a retired corporate executive who was now embarking on the reinvention of myself as a fun-loving, adventure seeking travel advisor.

We emptied my closet and starting creating a pile of boring dull clothes that represented a quarter of a century of my life!  This may sound like a simple task; however, doing this on my own would have not only been daunting but too emotional.  Olive helped me transition from the person who had been hiding and attempting to NOT attract attention, to the person who now needed to step into the spot light in order to build my business.  She put together outfits, with what was left of my closet that truly represented who I am!

My closet is now a place I enjoy and the clothing that it holds now represents the new me!  Most importantly, my confidence level has soared, which is apparent in the success of my new travel business.  I am setting sales records on a monthly basis and I attribute this to the day Olive cleared my closet, my mind and help create my new mindset!

Do yourself a favor and contact Olive! She will not only change your closet and your wardrobe ... She will change your life!

Working with Olive on my wardrobe was such a privilege. She has helped me with purging my closet of items that don’t flatter me. She is very positive and keeps it upbeat when offering all of her suggestions.I would highly recommend Olive as a stylist. I used her services when I started a new senior role a number of years ago, and her help was invaluable. My wardrobe needed a complete overhaul. Olive taught me the shapes and styles that suited me best and which to avoid. She helped me optimize my existing wardrobe, giving me the strength to purge some old “favorites” that just didn’t suit me anymore. When we went shopping together, she saved me infinite hours by finding the right clothes at the right price – some of which I would never have tried on my own. Her excellent taste coupled with down to earth honesty and pragmatism really helped me uncover my own personal style. The impact of working with her has been amazing – I went from being stressed each morning trying to figure out what to wear from my hum drum wardrobe to being confident in my choices and complimented on my style. Not only that – the money I have saved by knowing what not to buy has paid for her services many times over!

I cannot thank Olive enough for breathing some fresh air into my casual wardrobe. Having done nothing but live in ‘athleisure wear’ for a long time, I wanted to up my casual game and Olive helped me do that. She is amazing, friendly, honest and challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone....she has made some great recommendations for items to invest in when I’m ready (using money from the things I’m going to consign!). I’m excited for casual get togethers!
Thank you Olive!!!




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